Welcome to the official website of the store of CSGOPolska.com
Automatic store
Store is fully automatic and payments are posted immediately. After purchase, all is left to do is connect to your favourite server and enjoy the game! When buying on our network your supporting us and help in expanding.
Many payment methods
We offer payment methods including online transfers, Paypal and SMS Premium. In the near future we plan to add Paysafecard support.
Easy to use
Using the store is very simple and purchases are made in just a few clicks. You can check your active services, purchase dates or expiry dates at any time. You also have access to a list of your payments.
Wide range of services
With you in mind, we are constantly trying to add new services to your favourite servers so that you can buy them and enjoy the game! If a service you are interested in is missing from the shop, please let us know!